About Us

Our Vision

We Approach the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases Differently

At AnTolRx we are approaching the treatment of autoimmune diseases differently–through the development of novel nanoparticle-based therapies to promote antigen-specific immune tolerance.¬† Standard therapies broadly suppress the immune system, inducing side effects that may include life threatening infections and tumors. Thus, there is an unmet clinical need for methods of targeted immune-regulation. Our proprietary drug development approach selectively targets pathogenic immune cells providing a unique tolerogenic signal to induce an anti-inflammatory phenotype and better treat diseases.

Lead Programs

Our lead programs address significant unmet needs in the fields of Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis through the development of novel patented therapies for treatment of disease.

Our therapies are designed to selectively target pathogenic T cells through the delivery of both a self-antigen and an endogenous tolerogenic molecule which induces an anti-inflammatory phenotype. Our targeted therapeutics have shown significant effects in pre-clinical models and have the potential to provide an efficacy and safety profile unlike any other treatment currently available.